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Increasingly, fast developing companies face the problem of skills improvement of their staff.

Continuous development of professional skills of the employees is one of the basic conditions for effective work of the technology company.

Usually companies afford a chance to grow professionally through lectures and trainings provided by external speakers, English language courses conducted by one of the training schools. Looking for a new portion of knowledge, experts visit conferences organized by professional communities. At the same time the best specialists within the company already possess significant experience in complex projects management, effective negotiations with clients carrying or successful experience in box software products development. But why sometimes the best practices and tremendous experience aren’t spread effectively within the company or this process runs very slowly?

Innovecs Educational Project actively develop internal trainings field and experience exchange program. We work in two directions: development of both technical and non-technical (soft) skills of our professionals. After all, in order to grow professionally and move up the career ladder, it’s not enough to be just a good technician, you must also be able to work in a team, resolve conflicts arose, use innovating thinking. Without all these social skills it’s impossible to climb up the corporate ladder confidently.

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