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“Mobile” business breakfast in Moscow

Sergiy Khandogin, COO of Innovecs, and Iryna Chubur, VP Sales&Marketing, has presented our company in Moscow at business lunch Mobility and Stability.

The meeting was attended by many well-known Russian companies such as Kaspersky Labs, RUSNANO, Sportmaster, TTC Ostankino, Russian Space Systems, Russian Railways. That confirms the extreme importance of the corporate mobilization in modern business.

During the meeting our experts talked about global trends of mobile access to corporate information. Iryna and Sergiy shared the vision that it was not just a trend or the prospect of the future - it was just a fact of new business approach since according to the Sybase 2011 report, more than 86% of the 2,000 companies surveyed in the U.S. and Western Europe has already provided mobile access to corporate e-mail, and about 50% continue using their "devices" to read sales reports.

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the worker’s most valuable tools that mean that CIOs should be well-prepared to embrace enterprise mobility. Several well-known Russian companies were interested in Innovecs’ experience in the developing of mobile applications for the corporate sector, so we hope to have their names soon in the list of our clients.

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